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RAMPAGE TOYS "Ugly Unicorn" in wax!

My goodness... it has been some time since we last spoke to Jon from Rampage Toys, in fact last time we talked to him he was moving to Japan and was bringing his new "UGLY UNICORN" figure along with him to get produced. We have been following the progress of this figure HERE, and above you can see the 360deg. pics of the wax prototype! This guy is at the factory now getting foot stamps and being fitted properly before being molded (in metal). The first 2 runs will be done at the same time, and by the end of this month we may be seeing the first release in two very small runs of unpainted, bagged and header carded yellow and red figures! Jon goes on to tell us that the first painted figures will be available first at SUPERFESTIVAL in Tokyo on September 26th - and then leftovers will go into his shop on-line... so get ready folks!

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