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MAQET x Yosiell Lorenzo - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 'Lil Bruiser' figures

First spotted at Yosiell Lorenzo's recent art opening titled "Bedtime Stories" held at Screaming Sky Gallery, and subsequently snatched up opening night, were his very special 'Lil Bruiser' artist edition MAQET figure set dubbed 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse'. MAQET is now releasing to the public 3 complete collectors sets HERE, which includes all 4 figures, for just $220... and if a complete set is not your bag, there is an option for you as well!

They are also offering up 3 pieces each individually of The Anti-Christ Horseman (white), The Horseman of War (red), The Horeseman of Famine (grey) and The Horseman of Death (pale green) for $65 each HERE... making it an easy option to snag the one that catches your eye! The figures measure 4″ wide x 3″ deep x 4.3″ tall, and just like all of MAQET's products, these are made of Plastin®, a powder like substance that uses no waste and combines plastic and porcelain! Remember, these are really limited, so be sure to pull the trigger on these because I have a feeling they will not last long!

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