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LYS0L's new resin figure named "Funguhs"

It wasn't too long ago Brian Ahlbeck aka LYS0L of Dead Hand Studios created his "Gread" and "Teuth" figure... fast forward to today and he just revealed another one of his amazing creations titled "Funguhs"! This snail like creature is quite possibly the cutest glob of slime I have ever seen, and just like his previous releases, Brian has cast this figure in resin which will hit the market HERE for mass consumption TOMORROW Friday, August 12th at 9am PST for just $15 a piece.

There will be a limited number of each colorway pictured above, so if your looking to snag one, be quick to pull the trigger... and talk about a tough decision as both green's look amazing, but if I had to pick one I would have to go with the "Slimer" green :-) More images over on Brian's site HERE.

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