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'HACHI Supply' from Shane Jessup

Are you all ready for something different, good! What's been in the works for some time now and is set to officially launch this September is Shane Jessup's new art venture dubbed 'HACHI Supply'... and it's not what you think! HACHI Supply is something that Shane came up with to help fill the void of designer accessories for pets... more specifically this all spurred from trying to find collars or leashes for his 8-year-old dog Cortez, Shane was unable to find anything that represented his lifestyle... so why not create his own brand, and that is exactly what he is doing! With the help from artists such as Tristan Eaton, UPSO, DALEK, and TADO for the first wave of designs, you know this is going to be something everyone would want for their dog... now to get Shane to do something for us crazy cat owners out there :-) More info on this very soon, but in the mean time hit up their, official website HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE for the most up to date info!

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