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Cris Rose's "Newsletter Exclusive" Roche/Rue Sprogs

Have you signed up to be part of Cris Rose's newsletter yet... well why not?!?!? He offers some seriously cool exclusives just for those who sign up (it's FREE by the way), and if you haven't yet... you missed out on his release today that included new Sprogs from Edition D titled "Roche/Rue Wallpack"! There were only 5 sets, retailing for $90 a set, and each set consisted of a matching "Roche" and "Rue" in the same colors as his newsletter exclusive Robobee Packs... a wonderful Citrus Yellow, and each one came nice and rusty, covered in moss! Do note that these not only stack on top of each other, but they'll stack on their Edition D brothers, any one-offs that you may have been lucky enough to pick up at a show and future wall packs.. FUN!

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