"Bufo Emilio / The Cyberhypnotoad" custom Jumping Brain by Cris Rose

Always one to push the envelope when it comes to custom toys, UK artist Cris Rose shares with us today his amazing customized resin Jumping Brain figure that he completed for the Toy Art Gallery "Jumping Brain Show" this coming September 15th, 2011! Titled "Bufo Emilio / The Cyberhypnotoad" Cris not only incorporated the brain in an unconventional way, but he also used an 8" Egg Qee and a sizable custom build to make up the raygun on the front. There are also two painted Bits n Bytes to keep it maintained, making the whole thing 1/24th scale instead of Cris' normal 1/12th. Standing 9" tall and 9" deep... this is one large, super sophisticate custom! Make sure to come out for this show... because not only will this custom be on hand, but there will be about 70+ more pieces of this same caliber!

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave,
Hollywood, CA 9004

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