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Ashley Wood to release new social network for toys and collectors

Ashley Wood announced early last week that he was working on a new social network for toy collectors along with his technical guru Mr.12fingers. The new site titled "Plastic Kartel" is still in beta testing and closed to the public at this time but having had a chance to check it out I must say it's really something to explore, the closest I could compare it to is a sort of "Facebook" for toys lovers. The layers of features provided should make it quite fun for people interested in any sort of toy from Kaiju to 1:6 figures, to Designer Vinyl toys of any kind. Some of the added benefits will be the addition of private blogs as well as stores and auctions (though those are still being worked on at this moment) The site itself is scheduled to be open to the public on Aug 12. Look for more info here as we get further details.

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