And now for something completly outta left field... Kidrobot introduces 'All City Breakers' Mini Series

So tell me... what do you get when you combine 70's hiphop urban lifestyle, break-dancing, and injected molded toys... the new mini series from Kidrobot that's what, as they have just announced a brand new mini figure line unlike previous releases in the past. Titled 'All City Breakers' these Army-Man type aesthetic toys are a throwback to yesteryear as they celebrate the best dance style born from 70’s hip-hop culture... shoot they even come in a multitude of neon colors!

Coming to you live on September 15th, these individually blind-foil wrapped, each b-boy and b-girl are flossing their favorite move, while being supported by their retro plastic base... pretty sweet! These are on the tiny side of things as each measure 2" tall and a boom box is paired with every package! One of the cool things about these is the price point... at $1.95 each, you can't go wrong! I initially did not know about these, but after looking at them... and the rad case they come in, I feel as though they are a great addition to the whole urban toy scene. Although they may not be your typical art toy, or what you would expect from KR, they are still alot of fun and I look forward to adding a few to my collection :-)

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