Plastic City x Super Rad Toys @ SDCC 2011

Vinyl toy newcomers... kinda... Plastic City made their first appearance at SDCC this year, and I say newcomers because Plastic City is a subsidiary of Super Rad Toys who have been around in the toy scene for a while now... in any case they had a whole slew of products available to purchase and even more on display this year! These releases included Tristan Eaton's limited edition 'B-Bot' figures, Jermaine Rogers 'Aleppin Sane' busts, Josh Taylor's 'Mary and Birtram' set, MCA's 'Fleabaine' color prototype and even Paul Frank's mascot 'Julius' figure in both DIY and color! It's going to be interesting to follow the progress of this company as they are still getting a foothold in the scene, but with such big names behind them, how could you go wrong! Hit the jump for more photos.

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