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On display at DKE's booth during SDCC 2011 - New prototype pieces from Cherry Vinyl

What do you get when you match together the forces know as Pretty in Plastic and Lulubell Toys... you get Cherry Vinyl... and that is what was on display for the first time at SDCC 2011, and boy I gotta say that I am pumped for this! These two companies are becoming juggernauts in the designer toy scene on their own and to see them matched up... it's a match made in heaven, and after seeing the amazing prototypes on display during SDCC you would understand why.

They have teamed up with artists such as Nathan Jurevicius to release that rad looking owl figure, as well as with Becky and Frank of 'Tiny Kitten Teeth' to release "Egglue the Giraffe", as well as with Femke to release 'Le Chat'... some small but highly detailed pieces! Look for the first version of 'Le Chat' to drop this fall from this new company!

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