Art Attack Toys mascot custom by Aretwo Deetwo

Tim W. aka Aretwo Deetwo (the guy who created THIS awesome Zombie custom) is at it again, and he just finished a custom for site sponsor Artattacktoys.com. It was a commission for Dany from art attack that was made b merging both a MAD*l figure and a Kidrobot Bub, where everything was hand made, from the stitches, they are actual stitches, to the paintbrush. I love the mashup of these two figures and if you check out the Art Attack Toys mascot, Tim did a stellar job converting this figure into a very similar likeness! Oh and that photo above is pretty slick as well and comes to us from Furtive photography. So this is only the second custom we have seen from Tim and it makes me want to see more... keep up the great work dude! Hit the jump for full turnarounds!

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