3A Brillo Squares... first teasers released

It's no secret artist Ashley Wood has a love of Andy Warhol, Warhol is featured prominently in his Popbot comic's, so it should come as no surprise that he would pay tribute to the man with one of his most beloved creations 3A's Squares. The sqaures are part of Ashley's WWR (World War Robot) storyline but Ash is often fond of inserting his bots into various storyline so it's not clear if these will be part of a known universe or simple stand apart. The "Brillo" Square is a popular artform of Warhols and is a classic piece of modern art, so it's a great pleasure to see Ashley take the design and reinterpret it into a toy form. The "Brillo Square" from 3A shown above will be will indeed have legs and is rumored to be available at SDCC at Toy Tokyo booth. 3A partners Ashley and Kim will be on hand to sign the header cards that will grace the packaging for these little guys. "Brillo Square" will be in 1:12 scale, no word on pricing yet.

It's interesting to see these finally being made as they were first mentioned on the 3A forums early 2010 as a possible design for the 1:1 squares that were made for the Beijing Show. They were never seen at the time but most people figured they'd pop up again and I'm sure many fans are happy at the chance to score these at Comicon.

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