SpankyStokes x Dead Hand exclusive 'GREAD' released **UPDATE** SOLD OUT

**UPDATE** These are now SOLD OUT, thanks so much to everyone who made a purchase... you will love your Gread and it will be shipped out in the morning! Available now HERE is our exclusive GREAD figure! This little resin bog creature created by Brian Ahlbeck aka LYSOL of Dead Hand Studios is an edition of only 15 pieces. These figures will be blind bagged with a custom header card, stand at a little over 1" tall and for this release feature a matte black body with gloss black eyes! Out of the 15 pieces there are 2 chase figures dubbed the "Bloodclot" version that features a matte black body with piercing red gloss eyes! They are retailing for only $20+shipping... don't sleep on them folks... they will sell out! These are set to go on sale via the SS.com online store HERE on Tuesday, February 1st 2011, at 12:00!

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