The Sickling's "Ugh! I guess I'm stuck with you" by Yosiell Lorenzo

Yosiell Lorenzo has been quietly planning his next move in the art world and tonight we are getting a small glimpse of things to come. He is working on a ongoing series called The Sicklings, the one posted above is only his second creation... but he plans on more... many more! These are mixed media on a canvas panel and this one in particular is titled "Ugh! I guess I'm stuck with you"... the actual painting is 8" x 10", framed is 11" x 13", and is set to drop tomorrow 2/11/2011 HERE at 11:00am PST! If your not able to snag this up, Yosiell is open to do commissions of these small paintings, so hit him up personally via yosielllorenzo@gmail.com, and get your own custom canvas from this fantastically talented artist!

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