"Green Eyed and Grumpy" release from Cris Rose

Cris Rose just announced that he has a new release for this upcoming Monday, February 14th, 2011 as he is dropping a new versions of his Sprogs and his Clear Vision Mk1 Mini-Munny! Cris has 10 Sprogs (2.5" handpainted resin robots) and a matching Clear Vision Mk1 Mini Munny (4" hybrid vinyl/resin), and he is calling this the "Green Eyed and Grumpy" series. Each figure sports glossy black bodies and grumpy green eyes, all are limited to just 2 with a single Clear Vision Mk1. The 10 Sprogs priced at $50 each (+ shipping) are being sold blind, and the Clear Vision Mk1 is $150 (+ shipping). You can snag them up via his webstore HERE at the above date!

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