Super7 designed USB vinyl figure for Datarock

Just revealed through a SPIN exclusive interview and posted up by Brian Flynn of Super7 is a pretty rad collaboration that incorporates music into vinyl. If you follow Brian on Twitter you would know that he is a fan of Norwegian dance rock duo Datarock, so to see that they joined forces to create somewhat of a 'package' deal via a vinyl toy... it's really cool! This custom designed diamond shaped USB drive figure will come packed with over 100 songs, 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and a full concert film, plus much more. It's really a win win for both the fans of Datarock, and fans of Super7, as it will cross pollinate and introduce these art forms to those who would not have the chance to know about them otherwise. The figure itself screams Super7 and it will be interesting to see what paint scheme they decide on... price and availability are yet to be determined, but once revealed I will post it up! What are your thoughts on this crossover?

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