Motorbot needs help building a rotocast machine

Have you ever had a passion for some thing, but standing in the way is the lack of money to get things going... well that is exactly what artist Kevin O. aka Motorbot is up against and is looking and reaching out to YOU for help. Over the past year he has been a resin creating/casting/painting machine and is looking for ways to better take his company to the next level... so he signed up for Kickstarter to see if he can get some funds to build a rotocasting machine. It seems as though these Kickstarter projects have worked out fairly well for the majority of artists who start it up... and the really cool thing is if you pledge a certain amount, each tier there is a benefit that you get... like prints, stickers and even at some tiers custom toys. He is off to a great start, but keep in mind he can go over the amount asked so if one tier looks good, pledge the money and reap the benefits of what Motorbot has to offer! Head on over HERE, have a read, and pledge some money!

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