"Most Wanted" Kidrobot Message Board Custom Dunny Artist Series #2 - Sergio Mancini

Seeing as the launch for this 'Most Wanted' custom Dunny series is just around the corner, we are starting to see customs pop up from artists in the series, and today it's all about "The Quack"! Brazilian artist Sergio Mancini just sent over some images of his submission for the series, and its a sweet little 3" Dunny who like to hide his identity with a duck-bill mask! According to Sergio "The Quack is always trying to run ahead with things. He is an imposter and is not ashamed to do anything to be on the winning side. He is a charlatan, a phony. His only true skill is pretending to be something that he is not." It's so great to see the quality that goes into each one of these customs, and Sergio created a whopping 15 customs... 12 regulars and 3 secret variants! Whoever get on is going to be one lucky duck (get it) hehehe :-)

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