Glyos Ceekoar custom release

Ben Mininberg or better known to all of you by Prometheum5 is set to embark on a release that he has not attempted before. This set of custom Glyos figures, painted up with Monster Kolor, is going to be limited to five pieces and starting tomorrow, Ben is going to be posting up a new figure on his website HERE for the next two weeks before posting the whole squad pics and release details, and the figures will go up for sale when the whole squad is posted. Above is just a taste of things to come... so keep checking his site for up to date info as well as SS.com for details when we get them!

Some background info: "Ceekoar is one of the fringe worlds of the Glyos universe, known for its harsh gaseous environment. It is constantly under siege because deep under its cloudy exterior it was the site of many ferocious Old War battles, resulting in the inhospitable environment today. The survivors of Ceekoar were changed by the new environment and now dedicate themselves to keeping the Old War tech decaying on Ceekoar out of anyone’s hands."

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