Fahrenheit "Kurogane" from Kuso Vinyl

Man, if one day of Fahrenheit news isn't enough... Kuso Vinyl just dropped word on another amazing version of this figure they are calling the Fahrenheit Kurogane. "When DARK arrives, Fahrenheit becomes a concealer, waiting to terminate Celsius. With his black suit, an advantageous position is taken!! Will Celsius be able to defeat Fahreheit Kurogane??????" This impressive piece of vinyl, designed by Rotobox, is going to be limited to only 140 pieces worldwide, come equipped with 4 blades, a blackboard to hold the blades, and a mini comic. The stealthy looking figure, dressed in all black garb, is sure to be a fan favorite. They are estimated to release at the end of Jan. or early Feb. for only $75 a pop, and when we have exact dates and times of the release, we will post it up!

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