Dunny Azteca Series 2 - Full product revealed!

Well the wait is over, and after countless threads in the KR forum begging for Azteca Series 2, Kidrobot has answered! The new 3" blind boxed series of Dunnys is going to feature 18 new designs based on the flavor that comes south of the border. This series has a really great nostalgic feeling to them, at least for me seeing as the Azteca Sereis 1 s the first blind box I bought, and alot of these designs are really great with what appears to be awesome QC along with added sculptural elements. Some however seems to feel a little rushed, and or not executed well, but the majority of the designs are really cool! The box art was designed by Jesse Hernandez who is in this series along with notable artists such as: anaïs e3, Oscar Mar, José Leandro Córdova Lucas, Izzie Ramírez, OCHÖstore, Michelle Prats, Tepetonga, Luis Mata, Dani Bravo, The Beast Brothers, MARKA27, MIGUEL DE LA BARRACUDA, and Saner. I am looking forward to seeing the special chase figures along with the rare ratio'ed ones! These are going to drop on January 20 for $9.95 a box. What are your thoughts on this series? Hit the jump for more photos.

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