Brandt Peters "Trouble Boy #45" Squadt revealed

Check out this little bit of news that just popped up in our inbox... we have been following the progress of the very much anticipated Brandt Peters X Ferg Squadt for sometime now, and Ferg just announced that the first version titled "Trouble Boy #45" [Scram - got away clean variant] of this rad figure is slated to be pre-ordered at Ferg's upcoming solo show dubbed 'Medium War - A Squadt show and retrospective' at Rotofugi Gallery on January 14th. This impressive piece of vinyl is limited to 100 pieces and includes a 3 piece suit, dual chrome .45 pistols, removable winged fedora and helmet. The price is yet to be dertermined... but that won't stop people froma snatching this figure up! If you can't make it out to the show, no worries as the remaining pieces will be available for pre-order at Rotofugi online on January 15 at 2:00 CST. I love this figure and that skull just seals the deal for me... most excellent!

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