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A-Type "Rai Red" & DIY from Andrew Bell x mphlabs

I know that alot of people have been looking for a new platform toy to curb their DIY needs, and I honestly believe that this figure will do just that. The A-Type figure created by mphlabs and Andrew Bell is an odd shappen character that has so much potential. Based on the myplasticheart logo, this figure can be brought to life in many different ways, not only is there a poseibility factor, but there is ample amount of space (canvas if you will) to work on!

Just check out the pictures above... it has the ability to stand upside down, right side up, sitting down, or even hanging! This version above titled "Rai Red" is the first production colorway and is set to retail for $50, but there is also the DIY all white version selling for $35. Both stand 6" tall and 8" wide and are made of a mixture of vinyl and ABS. What are your thought on this as a platform toy, I feel as though it's one of the only "true" platforms to come out in a long time.

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