Tomenosuke pop-up shop featuring Jun & Shon

On December 25, two talented artists from Taiwan, Jun and Shon, will be at the Tomenosuke Pop-up shop opened in Shibuya PARCO where they will be bringing new works along with them to showcase at the event. First up is the rad work from Jun as he loves his skulls, kinda like I do. Releasing at the PARCO event is the very stark yet super sharp "Rebel Angel" figure in an eggshell white with tattoos which were designed by Taiwanese tattoo Artists Hao. Also along with this figure is Jun's amazing "Sin Eater" in bronze which is limited to 3pcs! I love this sculpt and to be honest I could go without the tattoos on this one! Up next is the work from Shon as he will have on hand his cool "CapDuck" figure in all kinds of different colorways along with his "War Baby" figure in very limited quantities!

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