SpankyStokes.com @ Designer-Con 2010

SpankyStokes.com is proud to announce that we are going to have a booth for the 3rd year in a row now at Designer-Con and for those of you who are new to this convention... over at SS.com we treat it as "Our" convention, meaning we save up all year and go all out for YOU (hopefully all you who have been can back me up on this). We will be doing giveaways every hour, and we have some AMAZING stuff this year donated by so many awesome companies including Kidrobot, Tenacious Toys, Lift Detroit, Smash Tokyo Toys, Monsterforge, Wizard Sleeve Toys, Dragatomi, Urban Rascal, DKE Toys, Genuine Artikle, Kuso Vinyl, Three Gold Coin and others to be announced very soon! Oh and when I say a giveaway, I don't just mean one item per hour, I am talking Tons of items every hour!

At our booth we will also have on display customs by a ton of artist including: Yosiell Lorenzo aka Project Detonate, DrilOne, Slobot, Ardabus Rubber, Zam, Ian Ziobrowski, Blamo Toys, TaskOne, ValleyDweller, Jay222, Nebulon5 and may others, not to mention a signing from 3:30pm - 4:30pm with Jesse Hernandez as we will be selling our exclusive "Obsidian" Ozomahtli where if you buy one, you will be entered to win a custom 1/1 Ozo by Jesse along with a custom "Borracho De Los Muertos" by Jesse as well... all this is happening at 4:45pm! If that is not awesome enough, if you buy our "Obsidian" Ozomahtli, Dragatomi will knock $25 off their exclusive "GID" Ozomahtli... just for this show!!!! All this news is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to come out, you won't be sorry, and hope to see you all there!

Oh... a few more things, we will be trying to live stream again this year if the internet gods cooperate with us and we will also be revealing our life-sized SS.com mascot at the event, so at least stop by and take your picture with our 8' tall "Stroll"!

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