Mini-Masterpieces @ Rhythmix Gallery

Amy Jenkins of Cozy Rampage sent over some great info about a sow that she was recently involved with called the "Mini-Masterpieces Holiday Art Show" which featured tons of Limited Edition Folk Art Action Figures will be available at prices you won't believe! Styles for all ages! Lots of plush, such as: 12" Skunk Apes, Lucha Robots, and Cozy Robots, 4" and 8" Customized vinyl figures, some letters, a number, various monsters and a hat! This show is scheduled to have two openings one that went down on November 12th, and the other is coming up on December 10th. there is all kinds of great stuff, so be sure to pop in and check out all the goods!

Rhythmix Gallery
2513 Blanding Ave
Alameda CA 94501

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