"the ARO" a porcelain art toy...

K.Olin Tribu company, based out of Limoges, France, is into art toys... seeing as their goal is to "combine novelty, creation and diversity of materials." They are now pleased to present their first collaboration piece with Steph. Cop as they created "the ARO" figure. What sets this apart from other figures is that it was created using porcelain... I am not sure if this is the first time this has been done, but it's new to me, and I really like the outcome!

Each piece is numbered from 1 to 250, and has a certificate of authenticity, and it comes with a really nice display box. These stand only 4.7" tall and are going to retail HERE for around $200 a piece! Now that price seems pretty steep, and is not for everyone, but this is an art sculpture so I feel that it justifies that price. I would love to know your thoughts on this, what do you think about going to porcelain... is that a viable medium?

About the ARO:
The ARO figure aka (ANALYSE REFLEX OBSESSIONAL) was the leader of the Imaginary Friends, he embodied the creative energy of the five characters : STRENGTH. This character symbolises Steph. Cop, who has, through numerous metamorphoses changed him over these past years.

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