Troy Stith's custom Jouwe "Mafic" for T.A.G. Show

Troy Stith sent up some pictures of his custom Jouwe for the Toy Art Gallery Show, and it's so sick! Covered in molten rock, "Malic" is done up in Troy's signature style with an awesome base plate and some colorful flair. I love the eyes.... they burn a hole into your soul!

Although there are many destructive giants roaming the fields and forests of Tu'R'Land, Mafic reigns as the king of annihilation. With an unlimited source of growth underfoot, Mafic can double and triple in proportion at will. Stomping and absorbing villages with delight, he leaves mighty kingdoms as little more than glassy memories in his trail of terror.

Since the untimely disappearance of his greatest nemesis BaoBomb, Mafic has had free reign over the land of Tu'R'Land. Many hold on to the hope that the 'Great Defender' will return to defeat Mafic once and for all. Until that time, Mafic will continue his molten mayhem across Tu'R'Land.

Check out Troy's blog for more of his awesome artwork, and be sure not to miss the Jouwe custom group show, running October 2 - November 2 at T.A.G.

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