*RECAP* The Making of J*RYU's "Silva Dolorosa" custom Ghost Girl vinyl figure

Jesse aka J*Ryu continues to step up his artist skills with each and every custom vinyl piece he creates, and for really starting in on doing this type of work since last March, makes me wonder what he has in store for us next. The custom we are showcasing here has been created and actually sold during SDCC 2010 where Jesse had his "Silva Dolorosa" custom Ghost Girl on display at Dragatomi's booth during the con. It turned out to be a very sought after piece as people were lingin up for this before the convention even started and rightfully so because the craftsmanship is amazing on it!

Jesse completely sculpted and transformed this piece into a mystical world, where even the inside had a full on dining room table with chairs and place settings, and on the outside turned the once smooth surface of the OG Ghost Girl figure into a gnarled mass of tree bark with branch and swing that contained a hand sculpted little girl. The attention to detail and amount of time spent on one piece really go unmatched IMHO, and the above 'making of video' really shows off all of said attributes. Great job dude, and I can't wait to see what you have planned next!

Thanks to PodgyPanda for the keen photos :-)

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