Preview pics of his Skinners "Halloween" masks for his show @ White Walls Gallery on 8/14/2010

SKINNER!!!!! I just love yelling that guys name, and based off our last post HERE, it's coming down to the wire for Skinner as this Saturday, August 14 from 7p-11p at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco marks the opening of his EPIC solo show titled “This Fear You May Know”. Today we have a special treat for you, a little preview from Gabriel of SonicNoiseTV as he shares with us some of the amazing pieces of work that will be on display at the show!

Gabriel goes on to say that "Skinner had 30 vacuum formed plastic over-sized masks made for the show (5 designs/6 paint variations of each). These are made of a thick and sturdy plastic unlike the cheap halloween masks many of us wore growing up in the '70's and '80's, oh how we loved/hated them". Above is a shot taken from the Neon Monster blog and features 3 ghastly ghoulish figures that wear Skinners style with pure panache! Each one measures 18"x18" and is about 4" deep, and they are all hand-painted by the Skinman! if you looking to pick one of these p, they will set you back $300 each, but I feel as though that is well worth it! All the leftovers will be up on the White Walls Gallery site after the show... man I wish I were in SF!

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