Podgy Panda's solo show "Geeks of Nature" opens tonight at Nation Toys in Calgary, Canada

Richard Kuoch aka Podgy Panda has been planing out and setting up for his upcoming solo show called "the Geeks of Nature" for the past few months now, and all that has come to a head as tonight August 5th, 2010 Nation Toys in Calgary, Canada will open their doors to unveil all his amazing works!

Above are some setup pictures that I stole from Podgy's Twitter account, and as you can see, not only is this show going to feature OG art but one off sculptural pieces as well as custom vinyl pieces Rich says about this show: "What do King Kong, Godzilla, Bigfoot, Yeti, Narwhal, and an Unicorn all have in common? They are troublemakers of the everyday world, they are looked at and called Freaks. Not your average bunch of freaks. In their world, being a misfit is the way to be. And you're in luck - they're holding a Geeks of Nature Party and you're invited!" This exhibition opens Tonight and is going to run until September 2010, and be sure to stop by this evening as Rich will be there sketching and chattin with all!

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