New 3A Ankou Teasers

So a few days ago Ashley Wood dropped a few new teaser pictures on his 3A production blog. Simply titling them Asclepius and Unknown. Within minutes the toy forums were buzzing with delight. At first glance many, myself included thought these must be the mentioned retailer versions of the popular new figure Ankou from Ashley's Adventure Kartel line. But as with all things 3A it wasn't quite that simple as a few hours later Ashley mentioned these may end up being the chase versions that were announced for the blind boxed singles long sold out off Bambaland.

I initially held off on reporting these as i thought we might get clarification by today but hey something this cool just had to shown off. So more details as they become clear. But that doesn't stop all of you from sharing your thoughts. What would you prefer at this point for these new Ankou's? Retail or the possibilty of them being part of the Blind box chases?

Either way one things for sure we know we will be getting at least 2 more Ankous either in blind box form or retail. Personally I'd love even more.

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