"Hot Pink Fuzz" a 3 woman art show @ GRSF

Giant Robot in SF is proud to host a show featuring the amazing talent of 3 of some of the raddest crafters around, titled "Hot Pink Fuzz" is a group art show featuring new work by Miss Muju, Monyomonyo, and Snaggs. The opening reception is going to take place this Saturday, August 14, 2010 from 6:30pm - 10:00pm... so if your in or around the SF area, be sure to check it out! More about each artist below...

[GR PRESS] Miss Muju is one half of artist team Muju, based in St Ives, Cornwall, UK, who has been making and exhibiting handmade Muju Toys since 2004 alongside her partner Mr. Muju. Mandalas are a recurring theme in her work, as is the symmetry of natural forms. "I love to work in vibrant colors and create fades of color through intricate felt patterns," she explains." For the show, Miss Muju is making one giant mandala figure and a collection of much smaller characters that are connected to the felt sculpture in color and theme.

Monyomonyo is a sewing artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She has liked to sew bags since childhood, started creating plush toys in 2005, and had her first exhibition in 2007, in Ebisu, Tokyo. In addition to making gallery work, she has made costumes for dancers, collaborated with children, and made movies. With inspiration from "traveling" and "pictures and stories of festivals, ceremonies, etc.," she is making plush toys, masks, and other surprises. This will be her first American exhibition.

Seattle-based Snaggs was inspired by stuffed Nauga Monsters from the '60s to become a felt artist. Her rainbow-colored body of work, which includes "paintings," dolls, and pillows, has a retro modern style that combines the handmade quality of craft with the sensibility of clean design. For Hot Pink Fuzz, she is creating felt cereal boxes. She says, "The packaging of anything from my youth, from cereal boxes and candy to Halloween costumes, was never serious. Half the time they didn't make any sense, yet they were still effective."

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