Ferg's "Playge Rat" has a release date and price...

Ferg just released more images and info via the C&D forum, with an actual release date and retail price, of his upcoming "Playge Rat" figure! This fantastic looking character has been a long time in the works and is set to drop on August 23 at 12:00 noon CST. Ferg states that there will be this OG version and a Playge colorway, which each figure will come with with multiple hands, and will also include some dope accessories like a SPAS shotgun and Italian Stiletto and Bandolier... oh and the figure also features a rad push button action tongue (watch the video above). This version is set to retail for $140, and will most likely include shipping! More details will emerge as they are still waiting on some things to be confirmed by the factory.

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