Fallen Regime Weapon Sale

Fallen Regime is pleased to announce a special Weapons Sale that is sure to please anyone that collects 3A toys. From RPG styled rocket launchers (shown above) to bladed weapons like samurai swords or 1:6 tommy guns, there is sure to be a few weapons that will fits your needs and deck out your 3A WWRp crew in style and what a value 4 weapons with free shipping.

Weapons packs will be $33 each. With 3 different packs to choose from. Limit one style weapon per pick. While supplies last. You get to mix and match your weapons. You simply choose your pack and when you pay through paypal make a note there of the weapons you are wanting. Quantities are limited. You can also email the store if you have any questions or would like to place a order that way as well. Details are as follows:

Weapon Pack A - 1 RPG, 1 Manji bladed Weapon, 2 Guns
Weapon Pack B - 2 Manji Weapons, 2 Guns
Weapon Pack C - 4 guns

Free shipping for US customers only.The sale is limited while supplies last as there are only 20 sets total. There may also be some other items dropping during the weekend at Fallen Regime as well so keep and eye out. Rumor is there may be some Ankous.

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