Aya Kakeda's Dunny 2010 "Centaur" revealed

Well seeing as it's Thursday, August 19th pretty much everywhere in the world right now, pictures have been popping up of people's pulls for Kidrobot's new Dunny series 2010... and the folks over at Rotofugi posted up one picture that caught my attention... the extremely rare 1/400 Dunny "Centaur" chase designed by Aya Kakeda! this unique design is super cool, and is neat to see in this already stellar series. i had one question when I first spotted this figure though... how the heck does it fit in the box, well thanks to good ol' ebay($400 already), I ripped this picture to the left and you can see that the back half attaches... pretty cool engineering! Best of luck to all those out there trying to snag this one up, and have fun at all of your trading parties... oh and I will see you at Gunnzo!

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