VISEone's "Comic Stripped" Series - Custom 10" Labbit "Simpsons" tribute!

VISEone sent over his most recent comic inspired custom vinyl piece and this time he used Kozik's Smorkin' Labbit to pay homage to the Simpsons. This is an amazing edition to his already growing line of "Comic Stripped" series! VISEone says that "This time I used "The Simpsons" as the theme since I thought the Smorkin' Labbit would be the perfect platform for this. The round cartoony shape fitted perfectly for The Simpsons." This is a 10" Labbit and he used Milliput, Collage Technique, Simpsons Comics, Acrylic Paint, and Brushwork to complete this custom, and look at that bitten ear... it appears to be filled with doughnut, or maybe butterfingers :-) Great job on this dude... totally killin it!

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