TYO Toys at SDCC 2010

Phil Foss of TYO Toys made the trip from the east coast to attend this years San Diego Comic-Con and he came equipped with trucks, and no not skateboard truck, or real trucks, but his awesome mini-box trucks which sported some fantastic art on them. Phil had a ton of his 3.5" mini artist series trucks which were featured at the DKE booth. This series has tags on trucks from: Sucklord, David Flores, Ewok and Skuf... Phil also had some blanks where he collected stickers from various booths and came back the next day with fully customized trucks that he handed out! To see more pics from TOY Toys trip to SDCC hit the Flickr HERE. It was a blast to finally meet you man, and keep on truckin :-) I just had to say it.

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