Touma's new "Mr. Patriot" vinyl figure

Spotted yesterday over on J.ME. was the awesome new figure from artist/designer Touma titled "Mr. Patriot", and how appropriate that we are posting this on July 4th aka Patriot's Day :-) Although this has nothing to do with July 4th or anything American for that matter, in fact this may be as far from that as humanly possibles seeing as the figure Mr. Patriot has a lil bit of alien in him. This figure is being produced by Japanese ran Monstock in collaboration with Touma who has a very distinct style and I guess you could say charisma when it come to the majority of the character he creates... a mix of hard lines and blockiness along with rounded corners and accentuated extremities... all of the previous mentions featured are very prevalant in his new figure. I especially enjoy the stance of "Mr. Patriot" and that he is articulated in such a way to allow for great poseability of the arms allowing for a very menacing looking figure! The above purple versions is set to release on July 18th via Monstock, with no price or size mentioned as of yet! Hit the jump for more pictures...

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