Tara McPherson... the next in line for KR Black?

Rumors are swirling tonight as a picture was revealed of what is to be believed the next figure in line for the exclusive Kidrobot Black series... and it's a piece by Tara McPherson! So keep in mind this is just speculation, but the image does state"Kidrobot Black Toy by Tara McPherson" :-) This piece, if produced, is based off her painting titled "Lilitu" (on Left) done for Dark Pop exhibition at Last Rites Gallery. Tara explains that the "painting is based on the Sumerian myth of the demon Lilitu. Representing chaos, seduction and ungodliness. She is a sexually frustrated and infertile female who behaves aggressively toward young men, her breasts are filled with poison not milk. In her every guise, Lilith has cast a spell on humankind." As we can see from the rough sketches this figure appears to be emerging from a liquid pool, pretty cool concept for a figure. Tara has a huge following, and hopefully this figure helps to shed new light on the KR Black line, as alot are unhappy with the previous releases... time will tell, and here's to hoping this gets made!

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