Ritzy Periwinkle's "Dr. D Beaux" custom vinyl bust for SDCC 2010

While were on the subject of Dragatomi and their extensive booth releases for SDCC this year, lets go ahead and drop word on a really great custom bust designed by Ritzy Periwinkle. This figure called "Dr. D Beaux" is based on one of Ritzy's re-appearing characters in her work, and most recently in her print she created titled "DR. D. BEAUX & HIS PROCESSION: New Orleans 1718-Future" for the Poster Cause Project (Left). As you can see the resemblance is pretty spot on as Ritzy actually used on of those vinyl DIY Think-UP busts as her base... which translated so well into the final product. Go check this out in person at booth #3848, and pull the trigger on it if it tickles yer fancy!

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