"Omi" figure revealed at Munky King

Munky King revealed their super secret "Omi" figure/project which is a new blind box mini mask series. These are very interesting at fist glance and I am not sure if I am completely onboard with this yet, but the concept is really cool! This is how it works the mask itself comes in different shapes where the shapes contain pegs allowing for wall mounting, or sitting on a flat surface. It seems as though two alike masks can be connected to one another forming a full shape design, and from the one I saw with the devil horns... it formed legs... pretty cool! I was hoping these would be a lil larger, maybe they will be in the future, as the size now reminds me of refrigerator magnets. Series 1 was up on display which will debut later this summer included designs from: Luke Chueh, Yoskay Yamamoto, Buff Monster, Nathan Jurevicius, Ferg, Dave Pressler, Craola, and Frank Kozik... and there are DIY figures available at the booth for sale!

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