Mad Battle Man SDCC 2010 "Dusk" edition by Mike Sutfin x Reckless Toys... full reveal!

It's only fitting that Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios gets to reveal the first full color version of Mike Sutfin's Mad Battle Man "DUSK" edition figure, seeing as he revealed the rad, all white, test pull shots HERE last month... that and the photos Kirkland takes are all epic! Now that we get to see this figure in its full painted glory, I can honestly say this has lived up to all my expectations... it's amazing! The detailing in every nook-n-cranny is unparalleled, and whoever gets ahold of one of these during SDCC 2010 is going to be one happy camper! The guys over at Reckless Toys had this to say about the paint production of this specif colorway "On top of a mango-orange vinyl, Mr. Sutfin painstakingly hand-painted a model for the factory and provided a 14-step instruction file, both of which were used to make a spray-for-spray, brushstroke-for-brushstroke replication of his masterpiece. The production paint job is shown here, and the sheer amount of handcraft on this piece is extraordinary." Just reading that give me the utmost appreciation for this piece, not that I did not appreciate it before :-) Keep your eyes peeled for drop date, price, and edition size as SDCC draws closer!

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