The Lake Monsters resurface at SDCC 2010

The Lake Monsters will run rampant this year at SDCC featuring some old faces with new paint-jobs, and some new never before seen pieces and thanks to Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi SDCC 2010 is going to be jumpin! First up is the release factory is Chris Ryniak's Big Muscamoot figure in it's awesome "Fathom" paint-job, making it look very stealth with highlights of looming colors around each corner, and Chris says that "It's iridescent/metallic purple spray w/ green paint rub on the face and back"...AWESOME! these will retail for $60 a pop.

Next up is the latest version of Brian Morris' "Dredge" figure... titled the "Trapped Under Ice Version", has some special qualities to it... it glows in the dark on the outside where the inside has some blue/black shades making it look cool even when it's not glowing! This beast stands 8" tall and has five points of articulation, two arms/tentacles, two horns and head that is also ball-jointed! This will retail for $60 as well!

Next up... which all we have are the teaseres above are two new designs for the The Lake Monsters family... "SOLEM" by Joey Potts and "Mini Snybora" by Chris Ryniak, and rumor has it both of these creatures are a very welcome edition into the family! More on these to come, with pictures, and what we do know is that the Potts figure will retail for $60 and the new Ryniak figure will be $30!

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