Kidrobot's lineup for SDCC 2010...

Kidrobot just unveiled pretty much all of their SDCC 2010 releases... with a few exceptions by blacking out some of the images to get our imaginations going. So with this post hopefully we can keep it short and concise to to with your daily scheduling! First up is preview night, Wednesday, July 21st, or as the KRonikle calls it pre-release night at booth #4529 and Kidrobot is getting the party started with the new Lard Lad by Matt Groening, the 3" Dunny of DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba and a secret treat that is sure to make your mouth water... which appears to be Sket-One's mini Sketchup figure... or is it?

Wednesday, July 21st
Lard Lad Pre-release: 6", 150 available, $45
3" DJ Lance Dunny Pre-release: $11 (Sunday signing)
3" Super Special Dunny Pre-release (Sketchup/Mustard)

Next up in line is the schedule for Thursday, July 22nd... the official first day of the con and Kidrobot continues to deliver the goods with a new figure from Ron English as Kidrobot will release their exclusive color of his new Figment Bust at 11am. Then from 1-3 pm, join Shawnimal Smith for the release of his new wee vinyl series, Ninjatown as well as a KR’s exclusive release of Yeti Ninja plush.

Thursday, July 22nd
Signing with Ron English, 11am- 12pm
Kidrobot Exclusive Figment Bust Release: 20 pieces, $200

Signing with Shawnimal Smith, 1mp-3pm
Ninjatown Vinyl Mini Series Release: $9
Kidrobot Exclusive Yeti Ninja Plush Release: 50 pieces, $45

On the second day of the con, Kidrobot is going to have a very special pre-release and signing at booth 4529 with Kidrobot’s president, Paul Budnitz and his new book, I AM PLASTIC, TOO. This should be a packed event as there are only 50 pieces available, and this would be the time to say hi to the man himself!

Friday, July 23
Signing with Paul Budnitz from 1pm-3pm
I AM PLASTIC, TOO Pre-release: 50 available, $50

Saturday... or should we just call it Day 3, Kidrobot will be letting loose their mystery figure from Huck Gee... who will also be on hand for a signing. There is speculation that this is an 8" Skullhead Dunny, what color could it be... we will just have to wait and see!

Saturday, July 24
Signing with Huck Gee from 1-3pm
SDCC Exclusive Release

Last but not least for the festivities... Kidrobot is bringing along their friend DJ Lance Rock from the hit show Yo Gabba Gabba, to sign his 3" Dunny! This is going down from 12pm-2pm and what a perfect day to do this as Sunday seems to be the "family day".

Sunday, July 25
Signing with DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba from 12pm-2pm
DJ Lance Dunny: 3-inch, $11


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