GRAFFOLUTION group exhibit and Nemo's amazing “Abdul” zombie sculpture...

GRAFFOLUTION, Group Show will feature artists from the early days of graffiti to the current graffiti and street artists. Contributing artists are from spain, france, and the united states. This is going down on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 and will be a show not to be missed!

Featured artists: subtexture, matt siren, see one, sae ster, eric orr, meres, joe russo, rob luciano, billi kid, fumero, vickipages, josh goldstein, masahiro ito, ur new york (2esae & ski) , peat wollaeger(stensoul), veng (robots will kill), daniel “krave” fila, charlie green, toofly, erotica, abe lincoln jr, clark fly id, ribs, ka, ellis g, joe iurato, slave, sane 2, gigi bio, haloz, anera, armo, dil, tmnk (nobody), grimace, shine, nemo, etaks.one, oliver rios, bader israel, sienide,aaron spaze crafte,jeneveive, royce bannon, and reskew

Posted below is Nemo's amazing sculpture that he did for this show. It's a lifesize relief zombie sculpture titled “Abdul” done for the graffolution show which is curated by Frankie Velez... and in true Nemo fashion he totally killed this, the details are amazing, and the concept and execution behind the piece are phenomenal, can you expect anything less from him, I think not!

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