GIANT Buddha Kuro - SDCC Exclusive

Just when you thout Camilla d’Errico's little Kuro was going to stay that size, you were sorley mistaken or is he just plain sore from gaining all that weight as he is GIANT NOW!!! This HUGE version of Kuro is a limited edition of 100 pieces and stands a full 2 feet (60 inches) tall! He is about 1 foot wide and nearly a foot deep.... how do you get one, read on...

This is a San Diego Comic Con 2010 EXCLUSIVE. All orders of Buddha must be picked up at the convention, but can be placed on her site HERE right now. Place the order, then head to her booth #4920 to pick it up, but make sure you have a short trip to your car because this will be a beast to carry around the con :-)

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