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*UPDATE* Brandt Peters Squadt sneak peek...

Posted up back in February HERE was a cryptic image of a sneak peek at Brandt Peters X FERG upcoming Squadt release with Playge being called "Squadt: TROUBLE BOYS" with this particular version called "Big-Sleep or No. 23"! Brant states that "The idea behind the project was based on the 1930s "Hard-boiled" slang term "Trouble Boys" which was another name for gangsters. So far the line up is 3 characters??? and they will be based on my take of hitmen/gangsters through the ages. In the true Squadt formula, there will be fashion,accessories and weapons -- but with a Brandt twist... ".

Now we have a very revealing, smokin hot, awesome shot of this figure that Brandt posted up on the C&D forum, he also mentions "Figured too much time has gone by without a teaser". This is the paint master that Brant did up before he sent it of to the factory to reproduce to the best of their ability... and the fact that this is being released through Playge, I can guarantee the quality will be there! More info soon!!!!

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