Toy Review Winson Ma's 1:6 Space Adam

image courtesy of Winson Ma, as my camera had problems

Many times we see reviews of vinyl toys and customs but seldom do we see reviews of 1:6 toys unless of course we are talking about 3A or possibly Hot Toys Iron Man figures. I just got a new 1:6 figure in yesterday that I've been waiting for a long time to get. For those not familiar with 1:6 scale toys most times they are 12 in. figures set to equal their 1/6 counterpart. Todays review is designed by Winson Ma a popular designer from Hong Kong and produced by Hot Toys.

Winson Ma has been around the toy business for a long time. Before starting out on his own with the Ape Explorer line he worked with the popular Toy Design group Brothers Worker. Space Adam which was recently finished and released earlier this month is the latest figure from the Ape Explorer line up. These figures came in a Special Limited White Edition and a Red Colored Edition. Both versions come with a Fully articulated Ape in a space suit as well as helmet, chest mounting hardware, DNA extraction tube, a second pair of hands and a gun. The Helmets light up from the inside as well as a small lamp on the exterior, the activation switch cleverly hidden on the outside. Such attention to details on this toy are common. Every part of this design id nuanced and it shows. Now for the grading on this toy. The things I look for in a 1:6 scale figure are:

1. Articulation - how many poses can you do. Adam has 20 points of articulation

2. Balance - this is very important, as you don't want your toys diving off the shelves. Adam is one of the best balanced toys I've had. This is even more impressive given that his chest hardware for the space suit is finely sculpted but heavy. But as if this wasn't enough they supply a figure stand as well, and since there's a belt attachment with pouches supplied it's easy to hid the prongs from the waist section of the stand under the belt effectively hiding any trace of them.

3. Paint Application / accessories - finally when I get a toy or look to get one I want lots of stuff to pose the figure with. After all what fun is a fully articulated toy with great balance if he has nothing to pose with. Adam really does shine here. His head makes for great poses and the sculpt really allows him to show off the supplied gun nicely as well as the helmet either on of held against the him. The second pair of hands supplied makes for several options of how to set Adam up as well.

So to sum it up this is a great figure. The only problem I might have is finding a second one as the white versions are long sold out from most stores and the red version is quickly becoming rare as well. But for a toy that was on pre order since Oct. this isn't too bad. For those that like to hunt for toys this will be fun. I've heard some complaints from collectors about price, I think this is due to them comparing these to more popular Hot Toys licenses like Iron Man or Batman figures. While this may be true (prices for space Adam vary around $175 - 199 for the reg. red edition to $250 and up for the White Special Edition) people should realize that there are a lot lower production numbers for toys like these and as such the prices to make something of this quality will be slightly higher. Of course the real question is, is it worth it? In my opinion yes. The best test of this would be after you buy a toy would you want to get more, and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to my next Apeexplorer if not the other red edition of Space Adam...

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