Smash Tokyo Toys has a big heart and needs you!

Matt from Smash Tokyo Toys is asking for a lil help with a huge issue... so take a minute, read the blurb below and if you wanna donate you can paypal some funds to boomboomblammo@hotmail.com make sure you put "SENSEI WHEELCHAIR FUND" for the subject of the money transfer!

"Hey everyone, It's Mattyboombatty from Smash Tokyo Toys. This is my man Sensei. He is 11 years old and is in DIRE NEED of a new wheelchair as the one in this pic has wheels like a bad shopping trolley. Sensei has had numerous operations in the last years and is about to have another. Due to his crapped-up, nasty-ass wheelchair he is often unable to attend school and can't mobilise around the neighbourhood. The system promised him a new chair three years ago and it's still a no-show. Smash Tokyo Toys is looking to work with some artists to develop an art print (s) that we can sell to raise money to get this awesome, tough little guy a new chair (and give a one-finger salute to THE MAN in the system who keeps him down by not giving him a new one!) Anyone who can help us out drop me a line at smashtokyotoys@hotmail.com"

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